Nosing. Decking. Frenching. Shaving. Chopping. Channeling. Pancaking. We can do just about any custom-car “ing” imaginable. Simply put, it’s our honor to honor the custom car legends by sculpting old metal into something truly timeless, in many cases using vastly superior products to those that were used back in the day

From paint jobs to full body restorations, our crew will get your car in shape!


We refuse to lower our standards. But we’ll happily lower your vintage car the right way. Don’t leave your ride’s stance to chance. We’re ready to make your vintage car handle better, ride lower, and stop better. Seamlessly marrying old-school cool with modern technology is something we do as well as anyone. Tapping technology without altering vintage aesthetics is something we take pride in doing.

From suspension to fabrication, our crew will have you riding right!


Whether you need a small period-correct upholstery repair or a complete custom interior, we’ve got your interior covered.  There is no shortage of talent waiting to help build your dream car from the inside out.

From custom upholstery to full interior restoration, our crew will have you sittin’ in style!


Making old things new again is a priority around here. Whether we’re leveraging modern technology, or using original parts, we know what it takes to keep a vintage car driving safely, reliably and performing well using modern fuels. We’re big believers in safety upgrades. As for back-up cameras and self-driving cars? We don’t consider it our jobs to talk you into stuff that insulates your from the act driving. Be proudly build cars for people who love driving their cars.

From diagnosis to complete swap, our crew will harness those ponies!


From custom headers to tailpipes, our crew will have you sounding great!


From service to replacement, our crew will keep you in gear!


From tailshaft to tires, our crew will get you ready for launch!