Tina’s first car was a Big Wheel. She won it in a race put on by her local Gemco in California, where she grew up, and she had to beat out a parking lot full of other kids to claim the prize.
So, you could say she’s been a street racer from her earliest days. Or at the very least, a department store parking-lot racer.

Tina’s dad was a car painter and her uncle, an upholstery guy. So Tina was no stranger to the concept of automobile as canvas. Her eye for detail and love of design has been propelling her forward her entire life.

She’s made a living doing everything from high-end kitchen remodeling, to fashion and furniture design. She’s equal parts dreamer and doer and can stitch circles around 99.9% of the population. Using her hands, her eyes, her refined design sense, and her ability to sketch,
Tina is now helping bringing period interiors back to the party as member of the Mercury Charlie family.

A Stitch in Time, owned and operated by Tina under Mercury Charlie’s roof, is now available to car lovers as an in-house service. Tina is upstairs in the loft at the shop, and whether you need a custom period-correct interior, a perfect fabric match to your vintage car’s original interior, or a design consultation for the car of your dreams, Tina is ready to help make your dream a reality.

Come meet Tina in person. But we’d be most obliged if you’d call ahead to schedule an appointment first. After all, you just never know when there might there might be a Big Wheel race in the tri-county area with a prize to be won.