Erika has been naturally attracted to vintage cars for as long as she can remember. Her daily is a fifties-era Lincoln Capri that she and Tim, our shop foreman, rescued from the weeds behind a mechanic’s shop in South Austin.

It was missing some chrome and its seats, but Erika and Tim saw potential where most people saw only a rusting hulk and weeds. Within three weeks of dragging her home, the old girl was up and running. Fast-forward five years of sweat equity and you’ve got Erika’s pride and joy. If you see a black Cosmopolitan with lace-paint on its roof parked out front of Mercury Charlie’s, that’ll be your first clue that Erika is in the house. Your next clue will be that the entire building will be running smoothly.

As project manager and our front of-the-house point person, Erika’s job is to keep the back of the house hoppin’ and the customers upfront happy as clams. We’re lucky to have this lady on board. In fact, we knew she was the one when she told us that her favorite customers are the paying kind. We just so happen to share a real appreciation for people who help us keep the lights on.

Keeping our vendors happy and the paychecks rolling in takes a balance of hospitality and organizational skills. Erika possesses an impressive mixture. And to say she’s easy on the eyes would be an a textbook example of understatement.

Before joining us, Erika was at a high-end art dealer and personally sold a Picasso, a Salvador Dali, and an original Marc Chagall, to name just a few. Now she’s helping sell the world rolling art in the form of period-customs and traditional hot rods. Mercury Charlie and his crew’s rolling masterpieces.

Reach out to Erika if you’re looking for a Mercury Charlie t-shirt, a custom Mercury shift knob, a tour of the shop, or a custom car built to your exact specifications. She’ll find you the right person to talk to, even if it isn’t her. Erika knows where all the bodies are buried. Even a few of the metal variety.